5 Reasons Why you haven’t reached a Hands Free Orgasm (Yet!)

The thought of reaching a Hands Free Orgasm sounds daunting. It can be if you approach it with previous assumptions. Many men try to use what they already know about masturbation and try to apply the same methods to hands free orgasm. This can be a mistake. Below are the top 5 reasons you have not reached a Hands Free Orgasm yet.

Tip #1: Hands Free Orgasm methods are nothing like traditional Masturbation

A HFO (hands free orgasm) is nothing like traditional masturbation. It cannot be forced like masturbation. Masturbation coerces the orgasm out of the body. From a young age we learn that faster, harder, more intensity yields probable outcomes and assured results.

Hands Free Orgasm: Quick Start Guide

No so with HFO. Hands free orgasm is like learning your body all over again and gaining a new appreciation of it’s ability to provide erotic ecstasy. You cannot simply will yourself to a hands free orgasm like you can with masturbation. It has to be finessed like a fine instrument. The individual strings are plucked and as you learn to play you will eventually build an orgasmic symphony.

Tip #2: Not Exploring other Erogenous Zones of the body

Most men are obsessed with their penis. Rightly so, for their whole lives it has been the de facto center of their sexual lives. Sex begins and ends with the penis. This mindset has limited men’s ability to enjoy other arousal areas of their bodies.

5 Surprising Male Erogenous Zones

Male nipples and prostate are a gateway to powerful a HFO. The skin of the entire body is arousing if touched in a loving and thoughtful way. Don’t go through your entire life only experiencing a penile orgasm. With an open mind and the motivation,  multiple male orgasms without masturbation can be yours.

Tip #3: It’s the Journey, not the Destination

When most people first hear about HFO, they expect to master the practice immediately. It is easy to get excited with the concept of having an unassisted orgasm but expectations can demotivate when it does not happen automatically. And it can become frustrating when you read that some people had a HFO the first time they tried. The important thing is approach a hands free orgasm without expectations.

The thought of doing something without the expectation of reaching a goal is very counter intuitive. Especially when we have spent our entire lives masturbating with the explicit expectation of it leading to orgasm every time. If you did not, then why try? For a good HFO session make your goal to enjoy yourself without the expectation to have a climactic resolution. Focus on enjoying the journey, not the destination.

Tip #4: It’s not about the Penis (Really!)

With a hands free orgasm the penis is not involved. But We are so hardwired to connect orgasm to the penis that most of us completely forget the concept of the “hands free” part. When we get discouraged we think “I’ll just touch it a little and get things started”. But his strategy will put you further from a HFO.

The primary components of a successful HFO are a combination of arousal and visualization. We are discovering a different way to have an orgasm. Touching the penis will start your body’s muscle memory and will detour you back to traditional penile orgasm.

The Male “P-Spot”: The Key to Hands Free Orgasms

Part of the reason that meditation and erotic hypnosis can be useful for HFO is that it distracts you from your normal routine of self pleasure. It helps distract you from thinking about your penis. Think of a HFO as a higher state of mind than masturbation.

Tip #5: Not exploring different HFO Methods

Part of the fun of the journey to a HFO is there are so many enjoyable methods to get there. Here are just a few methods to achieve an amazing Hands Free Orgasm: Erotic Hypnosis, Erotic Breathing, Nipple Stimulation, Prostate Massage, Erotic ASMR, Meditation, Erotic Touch (no penis) Flexing PC muscles …and many more!

“But wait, a lot of those use hands!” you are thinking. This is true, but these are stepping stones to learn how to HFO. Again, this is about the journey to the HFO, a very enjoyable journey where you will discover new methods to orgasm. And We will explore all of these methods and more, orgasms are not limited to the penis! You can have new powerful experiences that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about getting off.

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