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Can Disabled Men Have Hands Free Orgasms?

Not every man is able-bodied enough to have “traditional” sex (ie: sex involving penile stimulation). The inability to achieve or maintain an erection is typically highlighted as the main issue here, and for good reason, as erectile dysfunction can require a significant amount of time and energy to manage. Medications, therapy, meditation, hypnosis and dietary […]

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A Wife’s Guide to Pegging

For much too long, it has been widely perceived that the act of pegging (donning a strap-on for the purpose of sexual penetration) is limited to lesbian partnerships. We don’t blame you if that is the impression that you’ve gotten, too. After all, a quick PornHub search will yield thousands of results based on this, […]

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Want to have Multiple Male Orgasms? (*Hint: They can’t be “Wet”)

Generally speaking, the terms “ejaculation” and “orgasm” are used interchangeably in discussions about male sexuality.  In fact, many people-including those born with a male anatomy-don’t even know that there is a difference because the two actions often occur simultaneously, or close enough together that we perceive them as happening at the same time. So, what […]

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Electro Sex: Power up your Hands Free Orgasm

Erotic electrostimulation, also known more casually as “estim” or “electro sex,” involves the presence of electrical currents as they are applied to the body in an erotic scenario. Estim tends to focus most on providing stimulation to the genitals via these currents through various toys and objects, including wands and devices made specifically for a […]

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