Hacking the Multiple Male Orgasm

Lesson 3

In the last section we discussed how bypassing ejaculation (and the refractory period) was the key to multiple male orgasm. Is the question is, how is this possible? It seems like a physiological impossibility. Orgasm and ejaculation are interlocked. Part of the puzzle is discovering different erogenous zones (nipples, prostate, etc.) to build an arousal state to orgasm. Combining different erogenous pathways and combining deep breathing, PC muscle contractions and arousal generated by one's mind can elevate you to orgasm. Any erogenous stimulus besides the penis. Stimulation of the penis is almost always going to end in a single traditional ejaculatory orgasm, followed by refractory period.

Male VS Female Orgasm

male vs female orgasm

As you can see in the male and female orgasm diagram above the orgasms are slightly different. You can see the male "sexual response cycle" moves once from the "Plateau" to "Orgasm" stage. The female diagram below of the "sexual response cycle" moves from the "Plateau" to "Orgasm" stage multiple times indicating several orgasms in a row. As we discussed before in the previous page, this is due to females not having a "refractory" or resting period during the sexual response cycle. The male "Orgasm" stage concludes with ejaculation and then quickly to the "Resolution" stage. Meanwhile after the female "Orgasm" stage the sexual response cycle moves back down to the "Plateau" stage allowing the possibility of multiple orgasms.

Multiple Male Orgasm

In order to achieve multiple male orgasms you want to find an alternate route to orgasm that does not cause ejaculation. Ejaculation causes the refractory period and limits men to one orgasm. So how do you do this? The first and most important tip is do not stimulate your penis. Penis stimulation = Ejaculation. We don't want ejaculation because that will take you into the refractory period, no more orgasms. In the next section we will explorer four of the most popular ways to reach a male multiple orgasm.

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