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The conventional definition of a "hands free orgasm" is any method of reaching orgasm without touching the penis. Below are some of the more well known methods to reach a HFO.

1) Nipple Stimulation


Easy preparation Can be done in many places without detection


Fairly high degree of difficulty Difficult to have continuous climax

It is common knowledge that women’s nipples are an erogenous zone. It is less well known that many woman can reach climax through nipple stimulation alone. The male nipple is also a strong erogenous zone, but for the most part it is ignored by men in sexual encounters and during solo play. However with practice the male nipples can become a primary area of sexual stimulation. Some men are even able to orgasm with nipple stimulation alone.

2) Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis is audial way to induce a trance-like state to Hands Free Orgasm. Sometimes called “Hypno” or “hypnoplay” most erotic hypnosis is guided meditation to relax the mind and arouse you to the point of orgasm.


Cheap or Free (youtube) Easy to prepare


High degree of difficulty Difficult to have continuous climax

Erotic Hypnosis does work. It can be used effectively when combined with other HFO methods (ie nipple stimulation, PC muscle flexing, etc). Erotic Hypnosis is not advised for HFO beginners because of the learning curve. To reach HFO with Erotic Hypnosis you need to reach a state of mind where you “hear without thinking”.

3) Prostate Stimulation


Easiest method to Hands Free Orgasm Solo or with a partner


Some men are uncomfortable with anal stimulation

Prostate stimulation is a foundational practice that is a stepping stone to other HFO methods. After you learn how to orgasm from prostate stimulation other HFO become easier. One of the biggest hurdles for most men is the connection of anal stimulation and homosexuality. Heterosexual men sometime find this to be a mental hurdle to get over before enjoying this type of stimulation. But for those that cross this threshold they find it to be quite enjoyable. The prostate can be massaged with your partners finger or a prostate massager. The important thing to remember is that prostate massage and it's erotic effects do take time and exploration.

4) Erotic Electrostimulation

Erotic Electrostimulation or e-stim is the use of electrical stimulation to genitals or other erogenous parts of to the body.


Easy to use Can easily be combined with other HFO methods


"E-stim" units can be expensive If used incorrectly can result in injury or death

Erotic Electrostimulation is more commonly associated with the BDSM practices, but can be used for hands free orgasm with practice. The electrical stimulation is used to heighten the nerves in the genitals so that they become more aroused. Unlike TENS machines for muscle pain, e-stim units are used on low levels, so stimulation feels less prickly and more sensual. It is advised that the electrodes are not placed around the chest area as it can interfere with normal heart function.

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Overview of Hands Free Orgasms

Decoding the Male Orgasm

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4 Ways to acheive Hands Free Orgasm

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