Male Nipple Orgasms? Absolutely!

When it comes to getting off on nipple play, generally it is only associated with women. The myth that men cannot have an orgasm from nipple play is not correct. Men are just as, if not more, sensitive in the nipples. Men have just as many erogenous zones in their nipples as women do. In fact, only a very small percentage of men find it to be a turn off.

5 Surprising Male Erogenous Zones

So how exactly do men get off on nipple play? Many men find it very arousing to have their nipples played with during intercourse and foreplay. There are quite a few ways that men can get the most out of it. During sex, you can have your partner stroke your nipples softly. Gentle touches can start to arouse you during foreplay and intercourse. Another way to stimulate your nipples is to have your partner lick and suck on them. If you want to feel the arousal of nipple play, this is the best place to start!

There are a few simple steps that you can get you to a precipitous of a male nipple orgasm. First, you will need to wake up your nipples and breasts. By rubbing both of your breasts and nipples, your nipples will wake right up, becoming erect.

Beginner’s Guide to Hands Free Orgasm

By repeating this step, you may start to feel some arousal. When you start rubbing the aureole softly, you will grow more and more aroused. Your nipples will grow more erect and you can start to rub them a little faster with your index fingers. As you start to feel that your penis has become more aroused, start rubbing your nipples quicker and faster. With nipple orgasms, you can actually feel a throbbing in your prostate. With some patience and experimentation it is possible to achieve a dry orgasm simply by playing with your nipples.

Tips for Male Nipple Orgasm

Of all of the methods for reaching orgasm, this one is one where you must be patient. It may sound counterproductive, but don’t “try” to have a nipple orgasm. You have had decades of masturbation experience and learned to manipulate yourself to orgasm. In order to achieve nipple orgasm you should not force or “will” yourself to orgasm. It is more about exploring and learning this new erogenous zone. It is not a penis that you can stroke hard and produce results. The male nipple should be finessed with a delicate touch. You were not a penis expert when you first discovered it could produce pleasant feelings. The same for the nipples. Exploration is the key to discovery. You are about to discover a new and exciting way to cum alone or with your partner. Enjoy it!

male nipple play

The next time you are feeling somewhat aroused reach under your shirt and stroke a nipple. It’s best not to think about how your are touching, just do what feels good. There is no need to feel self-conscious about nipple play, it’s perfectly normal and enjoyable. If you get a tingle in your prostate from nipple stimulation, that’s good! If not, no big deal, the fun is the exploration. Take your time and enjoy yourself. To create a sustainable arousal from nipple stimulation it’s best not to focus upon your nipples and distract your attention with other arousing simulation whatever that may be. The one caution is not to touch your penis. The sexual sensation generated in the nipples can spark the prostate, the origin of hands free orgasms. Mentally focusing on the penis will redirect the sexual sensation to the penis and derail building sexual sensation in the prostate.

The Male “P-Spot”: The Key to Hands Free Orgasms

The function of the nipple is to fan the erotic flames in the prostate. Imagine the nipples are sparking or sending an electric charge to the prostate sending electricity to the prostate gland and making it glow. The two mental tricks that work for me are erotic distraction as mentioned before or imagining the nipples are conduits to the prostate that arouse it. But you should explore and discover what works for you. If you can grow a powerful sensation in the prostate, go with it! Build that arousal and enjoy the ride. Don’t expect a mind blowing nipple orgasm the first time. Integrate nipple stimulation into your alone time and time with your partner. Learning what works for you and building on that knowledge will yield you some incredible results that may surprise you.

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