The Male “P-Spot”: The Key to Hands Free Orgasms

There has been much ado about the female G-Spot (or Grafenburg spot), the area of a woman’s internal workings that produces spine-tingling, toe-curling pleasure when stimulated just the right way. In addition to understanding its function, there has actually been a significant amount of debate over whether the G-Spot exists at all. It’s a pretty hot topic when we approach the topic of female sexual pleasure. How does it work? Where is it located? Does it even exist at all? These are all questions that merit a factual answer.

There has, however, been significantly less discussion about the male equivalent, casually known as the “P-Spot.” This would be the prostate, the male sexual gland that aids in the projection of semen down the urethra. We know for a fact that the prostate exists, but what we don’t consider common knowledge (at all) is how it truly aids in helping men to have a fulfilling and intense sexual experience.

Wives Quick Guide to Prostate Massage Orgasm

Some call the prostate “the male G-spot,” while others refer to the female G-Spot as the “female prostate.” Neither set of terms is incorrect, but they can create some confusion for those who are trying to learn about the “hidden” functions of their own or their lover’s anatomy. But before we delve further into this infrequently-had discussion, let’s talk about what the prostate gland is and what purposes it serves in the male body.

What is the Prostate?

Like other glands present in the human body, the prostate gland secretes fluid. This milky-white fluid is an alkaline seminal fluid that makes up roughly 35% of semen. The secretions of the prostate gland help semen to survive in the acidic environment of the vagina, thus aiding in human reproduction.

prostate p spot

Other functions of the prostate include:

  • Helping to propel semen down the urethra during ejaculation.
  • Filters out toxins to protect the quality of the semen.
  • Produce erections when blood flow stimulates the nerves on the sides of the prostate.
  • Protects against the development of urinary tract infections, or UTIs.
  • Controls the flow of urine by essentially functioning as a valve.
  • Assists in the production and regulation of testosterone.

When you know how the prostate works and what its functions are, it’s not hard to see how important it is in both male sexuality and male sexual health. An unhealthy prostate can produce erectile dysfunctions, urinary tract infections and even cancer, so the importance of prostate health should never be overlooked.

The Hands Free Orgasm Beginners Guide

You probably have an idea as to where the prostate is located. In fact, you might even get visions of doctors sticking their gloved fingers up into the anus during what is known as a routine prostate exam. While the prostate can certainly be stimulated this way (although perhaps not in such a clinical setting) it can also be engaged via gentle pressure applied to the perineum-otherwise known as the “gooch” or the “taint.”

Where the prostate is actually located can differ from prostate owner to prostate owner. There is a general “ballpark” area wherein the prostate can be found, but a bit of “poking around” is the only way to be sure of its location in the individual’s body. Because this spot between the anus and testicles acts as a kind of “base” to the penis as well as a highly pleasurable place to have touched all on its own, the prostate actually functions as a kind of pleasure double-whammy.

If you want to “dabble” in the art of prostate stimulation but are uneasy about fingers entering your rectum, you can produce intense pleasure and even orgasms through the perineum-without ever touching your penis! Toys designed for the stimulation of the female G-spot can also be used with great success in this sexy pursuit.

How Sexual Taboos Stunt “P-Spot” Pleasure

There is definitely a lot of uneasiness in some men’s minds about playing with their prostate or allowing somebody else to do it. How our culture views male sexuality has a lot to do with this, and creates a concern that men express time and time again when they discover that they quite like having their “P-spot” stimulated: “Does this make me gay?”

The shortest answer we can give you is simply “no.”

While gay men may enjoy the act of prostate stimulation during intercourse or foreplay that is not true of all men with male partners. Enjoying this practice is about one’s preferences, not their sexual orientation. Liking a finger up the bum every now and then doesn’t suddenly change your sexuality. If you are a man who wants only a woman to play with your P-spot, you’re just as hetero as any straight man that doesn’t enjoy prostate play.

It may be hard to overcome social pressures that dissuade men from expressing their desire to experiment with their partner(s), but you should try to prevent these arbitrary standards from impeding upon you having a fully satisfying sex life. If more men got adventurous with their prostate from time to time, perhaps there would be less taboo surrounding the topic.

prostate p spot

It is also commonly assumed that, of the men who do experience prostate play, all will enjoy it and want to implement it 100% of the time in their sexual lives. This is yet another myth. Not all men get off on this practice, and those who do still have other bedroom practices that they enjoy just as much-if not more. Sure, stimulating the P-spot creates an intense surge of pleasure that you might want to incorporate into sex or solo play more often, and there is nothing wrong with that. But there is nothing wrong or uncommon about simply not digging it. As with other sexual behaviors, experimenting with prostate play could end up resulting in you deciding “Nope, this isn’t for me.”

And that is perfectly fine. Turn-ons and what gets us off differs from person to person, and nobody should engage in practices that they are not comfortable with.

The Surprising Advantages of Prostate Play

There may be some initial hesitation when exploring the prostate for pleasure. It’s understandable, it’s new territory and you are not so familiar. But once you get comfortable and start to get the hang of it, this new world starts to open up in amazing ways. Orgasm via the prostate (and no penis stimulation) is not only possible but probable after learning what method of stimulation gets you off. Prostate orgasms can be dry (no semen) or wet. Because they are most often dry, there is no refractory period where the body rests after expulsion of semen, so multiple male orgasms are quite possible with no hands on the penis!

prostate p spot

In addition to producing some pretty intense orgasms, stimulating the prostate comes with quite a few other benefits that stem from the production of blood flow in the area. In fact, playing with your prostate can have valuable health benefits such as protection from cancer!

Massaging the prostate results in what is referred to as “milking” of this pleasure-producing gland. This action combined with the increased blood flow to the pelvis decreases the occurrence of impotence and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. So if you’ve considered asking your partner to give your P-spot a rubdown, tell them that it’s for medical reasons-because that’s the truth.

Toe-curling pleasure AND awesome health benefits? Talk about a win-win!

How the Male and Female Anatomies are Similar

“Anatomical homologues” is the technical term for parts that exist in men and women that share a similar structure. Does this sound confusing? It might, especially if you’ve only ever had a basic sexual education course. To explain it simply, consider this: the head of the penis, which contains the highest concentration of nerve endings, is an anatomical homologue to the female clitoris-which possesses the most nerve endings in female sexual anatomy. In a similar fashion, testes (which create and house sperm) and ovaries (which house a female’s eggs) are anatomical homologues. These different body parts serve functions unique to the body that they are housed in, but have comparable bits in the opposite sex’s anatomy.

5 Reasons Why you haven’t reached a Hands Free Orgasm (Yet!)

Isn’t it interesting how similar men and women can be, despite the obvious outward differences?

The male P-spot and female G-spot have the same kind of relationship. They both…

  • Create the highest degree of pleasure when accompanied with genital and body stimulation.
  • Produce fluid as a part of the sexual experience.
  • Are located just under the bladder.
  • Can be stimulated with a “Stoke” motion after insertion.

So in truth, the fact that the prostate is referred to as the “male G-spot” is pretty accurate, especially if you’re trying to explain the similarities and functions to someone less-aware of them.  Whatever you choose to call it, an orgasm completed through p-spot stimulation is pretty awesome and worth giving a shot (that is, if you are comfortable pushing this particular boundary).

Some Tips for those Considering Prostate Play for the First Time

So you’ve decided that you want to take the leap into the great unknown-your bottom. That’s awesome, but it’s typically not something you should dive right into (pun sort of intended). Usually it takes a bit of exploring one’s own terrain before introducing a partner to this activity. To prepare yourself and your partner for prostate play in the near future, consider the following tips before you go to town on your P-spot.

  • Make it a solo act first. While it will probably be much more pleasurable to get the assistance of a partner in this, practicing prostate stimulation on yourself first can demystify the practice and alleviate some of your worries about it.
  • Talk to your partner. As we discussed above, there is a great deal of taboo when it comes to prostate play. But if you feel comfortable enough with someone to ask them to stimulate your prostate, then you should feel comfortable enough to have a conversation leading up to it. Tell them why you want to try it, and discuss the different methods of P-spot play that interest you-toys, digit insertion or play through the perineum. Some first-timers encourage their partners to wear lubed-up gloves if trying digital insertion, but you should do whatever feels right for you and your partner.
  • Create a game plan in case it just doesn’t work out with your partner. Even if prostate play isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean that the sexiness has to come to an end. You can just switch to stuff you know that you like! It will also be worth your time to discuss what happened and decide if it is something that you want to try again or put up on the shelf completely. There are no wrong answers here.

Never hold back when discussing this with your partner, and have a receptive and open mind when they speak about it as well. Sex and sexy acts are better when everyone’s on board and nobody feels pressured or pushed beyond their personal boundaries. Communication is key and consent is sexy. If anybody is not totally enthusiastic about this new area of exploration, that makes things quite a bit less hot.

p-spot prostate

Every time a man ejaculates, the prostate has a tremendous role to play. So no matter what, if you’re getting off then your prostate is already a part of the show. Why not give it a starring role for a change, if for no other reason than to see what it’s like, and if you like it? Your body shouldn’t be a stranger to you, and opening yourself up to these experiences-even if they make you feel a bit vulnerable at first-with a partner can bring a sense of intimacy and closeness to your relationship.

Be daring. Explore this final frontier of the male P-Spot to your heart’s content. You have nothing holding you back once you know how your prostate works and the numerous ways that you can incorporate it into masturbation or love-making.

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