What is a Male “Super-O?”

“Super-O” is a shorthand abbreviation of “super orgasm,” a term that applies to a great number of sensations and experiences in the male body during orgasm. Many men who have experienced this “Super-O” say that a super orgasm and a “regular” orgasm are nowhere near comparable. For one thing, a super orgasm is exclusively non-ejaculatory, meaning that the man experiencing it will not release the protein-enriched semen that is typically considered compulsory of the male orgasm. If it seems impossible to you that an orgasm can truly be more satisfactory when you don’t come, read on.

How Does a Super-O Feel?

Before we begin, let us simply state that no two men’s experiences are sure to be exactly the same when they feel a super orgasm sweeping over their body. However, there are some unique traits that are considered quite specific to this intensely pleasurable phenomenon.

  • Incredible waves of full-body pleasure
  • Increased and mind-blowing pleasure in the pelvic region-particularly the anus and surrounding muscles
  • Emotional responses including crying, screaming and even roaring
  • Especially pronounced pelvic thrusting and other involuntary muscle convulsions/twitching
  • Feeling ready to go for another round afterward, unlike when men experience a refractory period after ejaculatory orgasms. Multiple orgasms are even possible.
  • A boost of energy, sense of self and contentment
  • Longer-lasting sensations of bliss without loss of energy

For some men, super orgasms are so intense that it brings them to tears. It can drive a man to the absolute limits of his capacity for pleasure, though we assert that there is always a way to make things more intense once you get to know your body’s responses to various stimuli. Super orgasms are deeply personal and vary from person to person, so there really is no “wrong” way to have one. If you’re not sure if you’ve experienced a Super-O, try comparing the orgasm you just had to ones that stick out from previous memories.

Want to have Multiple Male Orgasms?

Lesser non-ejaculation orgasms are certainly possible, though they are in no way a super orgasm. These orgasms are often called “dry orgasms,” “dry-O” or “mini-O.” The sensations experienced during dry orgasms may be pleasurable, but do not compare to the waves upon waves of full-bodied pleasure derived from a super orgasm.

Any orgasm that ends in ejaculation is not, for sure, a super orgasm. Super orgasms do not involve ejaculate at all, which enables the possibility of multiple orgasms-something that many have wrongly assumed is a trait restricted only to certain women.

Super-O vs Super-T

As we highlighted above, super orgasms are powerful orgasms experienced without ejaculation. Super-T (a shorthand term for “super traditional orgasm”) is another term coined by Aneros users that have found that even their traditional (ejaculatory) orgasms become more satisfying and intense when aided by specially crafted prostate massage toys and massaging methods. The key difference between a Super-O and a Super-T is that a Super-T involves ejaculation, whereas a Super-O does not.

The Male “P-Spot”: The Key to Hands Free Orgasms

A Super-T is significantly more pleasurable than an ordinary climax, with many men reporting more intense and frequent penile/rectal contractions as well as a greater amount of ejaculatory fluid emitted upon climax. After a Super-T, the man goes into a refractory period wherein he cannot usually experience a second ejaculation within a certain frame of time.

How Prostate Play Aids in Super Orgasms

It is well-documented that prostate play can provoke some of the most intense and deeply satisfying orgasms that you will experience in your entire life. It usually requires some practice, alone and/or with a partner, and a heightened degree of bodily awareness to accomplish most successfully and easily.

Aneros prostate massager WIKI refers to this period of discovery and experimentation as the “journey to the Super-O.” Through the use of toys, online research materials, digital insertion and self-massage through the perineum (otherwise known as the “gooch” or “taint”) you can figure out what exactly drives your body and mind toward that point of blissed-out euphoria. In fact, some men have even said that a super orgasm is an “otherworldly” or “delirious” experience that causes them to forget about time and space altogether.

Hands Free Orgasm: Quick Start Guide

Once you have achieved this knowledge about your prostate and what gets you off the best, it becomes much easier to have a Super-O. What each man experiences during each prostate play session can differ greatly, and some men might not find that they are into it at all. But it is worth experimenting with a time or two (or more) and seeing what techniques are most pleasing to you.

Prior to experimenting with prostate play, it helps to be fairly aroused before beginning. If you stimulate yourself with your preferred methods of getting “in the mood,” you will have an easier time finding the walnut-shaped gland around your urethra that is known as the prostate, “P-spot” and “male G-spot.” This is because it tends to swell and increase in size during arousal, due to the rushing of protein-rich fluid to this gland.

We cannot say for certain that prostate play is absolutely, one-hundred percent necessary to achieve a super orgasm, but we cannot say with any certainty that the opposite is true. There is relatively very little information out there about what a super orgasm is, especially pertaining to the male sexual experience. It is best that you experiment with what works for you to achieve the most spine-tingling, mind-blowing, most orgasmic results.

It is only once you have a greater understanding of your body, as well as its anatomy and capacity for sexual pleasure, that you can bring yourself (or have a partner bring you) to the greatest heights of ecstasy. You won’t know whether to scream or cry, but it will feel great.

What Triggers the Beginning of a Super Orgasm?

There is no single guaranteed sensation or arousal technique that is certain to bring about a Super-O. What works for individual men differs greatly from one to the next, however there are some things that men almost unanimously consider to be triggering of a super orgasm, or indicative that one is to come.

  • A strong tingling or even vibrating sensation in the perineum and other areas of the pelvic region
  • Especially strong or frequent abdominal contractions, or contractions in other nearby muscles
  • Particularly notable engorgement of the penis. We know that an erection is caused by the rushing of blood to a man’s genitals, but a Super-O erection tends to be stiffer and more engorged than a usual erection that he may experience.
  • The emission of pre-ejaculatory fluid (clear pre-cum) prior to, during or after orgasm
  • Anal contractions

While you may experience these sensations during a traditional orgasm, a Super O will bring these pleasures to new heights for you. You might experience all of these feelings, or only one of them. There is no wrong combination of sensations to experience during a super orgasm. Each man’s body will react differently, and there is no guarantee that each Super-O you have will be even remotely similar to the next one.

5 Reasons Why you haven’t reached a Hands Free Orgasm (Yet!)

It might take some time, perhaps even as long as a year, to perfect the technique that helps you to arrive at the point of a super orgasm. Most men, however, will say that this extended period of experimentation and discovery is totally worth the results yielded when they have successfully accomplished their first Super-O.


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