What is a Prostate Massage?

The prostate gland is about three inches inside of the anus. When it is massaged, men have noted that the feeling they get is like no other. When it is gently massaged, there are fluids that are secreted that actually help to clean out the prostate gland. A gentle prostate massage can also give a man some of the most powerful orgasms that he has ever had. This type of massage can give a man a chance to now have multiple orgasms.

Proper Prostate Massage Techniques

For men, a prostate massage is a new feeling if they have never had anal sex. You must be ready mentally and physically. Your muscles need to be fully relaxed. This can be done by lightly massaging the area around the anus. This massage will help you to be much more relaxed and you will start to feel more aroused.

Do you think you feel ready for a prostate massage? Start by using one finger or a very small toy. Slowly insert it into the anus. The slower you go, the less tension there will be. Start giving the prostate gland very light strokes. Once you feel comfortable with this pace, you can start to speed up a little.

How does this type of massage feel for men?

Because there are many nerve endings in the anus, men can find a lot of pleasure in being given a prostate massage. This area is also incredibly sensitive so men can easily be aroused from a prostate massage. By using small anal toys, a prostate massage can bring pleasures like never before.

What are the best toys for prostate massage?

The best toys to buy for prostate massages are small toys. The toys that help to stimulate the prostate will work best for arousal and pleasure. Anal plugs are also good to use for stimulating the prostate. Many men like to use glass plugs because of the different sensations they can get from them. The more you use these toys, the more stimulation you will get out of them. Eventually, you will be able to move up to a larger sized anal toy.

It is important that if you decide to use toys for your prostate massages, you take good care of them. Cleaning them is the most important thing that you can do when you invest in toys. The right cleaning solution keeps them clean and sanitized. This keeps germs away from them that can cause diseases.

Prostate massage is just one of the many ways that men can become aroused. It is also one way to help keep your prostate healthy. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, ask your partner to help you out. If this is not something the two of you have discussed, now is as good a time as any! When they learn more about your new interest, they will be thrilled to help you out. Just remember to go slow and only do what you are ready for.