What is Prostate “Rewiring”?

Generally speaking, male eroticism and sensuality are viewed in a very simplistic manner, a manner that is entirely centered around pleasing the penis. When the conversation changes to discussing what turns women on and drives them toward orgasm, the tone changes: we acknowledge that different women are sexually motivated by different sensations and sights. We understand (or at least pretend to) the complexity of female sexuality and arousal-particularly in comparison to the perceived simplicity of male sexuality. This kind of thinking presupposes that all male orgasms feel the same, and that some quick stroking or sucking action is guaranteed to cause a man the most pleasure. Let’s toss that idea right into the trash, shall we?

The Prostate: Key to a Sexual Awakening

If prostate play is something that has ever entered your thoughts or become an element in your sex life, you might have come across two fairly unfamiliar terms: “prostate rewiring” and “P-waves.”

P-waves, also known as “pleasure waves,” are the pleasurable sensations caused  by the erotic stimulation of the areas of the non-ejaculatory pathway: not the penis and scrotum. P-waves are experienced via the prostate, anus, perineum and rectal canal, which is a surprisingly erogenous zone inside of the male body. Some men have stated that after some time of practicing prostate play, they sometimes experience P-waves on an involuntary basis-meaning that they haven’t necessarily done anything to bring on these sensations intentionally.

Science is FINALLY Studying Prostate Orgasms!

The stimulation of the prostate for sexual pleasure is an ages-old practice that also can have numerous benefits in terms of overall male health. This walnut-shaped gland is located around the urethra and has a tremendous role to play in all aspects of your physical sexual expression, including the seemingly simple function of having and maintaining an erection. It can also be responsible for the best, most spine-tingling, Earth-shattering orgasms that a man will have in his entire life.

While it may certainly take some time, from weeks to years, to fully appreciate and understand one’s prostate’s role in sexual stimulation and breathtaking orgasms, most men who do it have nothing but rave reviews. For many men, the first time they experience an orgasm via prostate stimulation is like the flipping of a switch. This is because prostate orgasms are known to be much more intense and deeper-bodied in terms of pleasure than “traditional,” penis-centric climaxes. Once that first anal “O” happens, you might find yourself pursuing multiple orgasms, different methods of stimulating the prostate, and incorporating of this practice into your sex life with a partner.

What is a Male “Super-O?”

In short, some prostate-lovin’ can bring about a sexual awakening that can make a man rethink everything he thought he knew about what gets him off and his body’s capacity for pleasure. This is what is sometimes referred to as “prostate rewiring.”

Prostate rewiring is the routine practice of stimulating these zones (anus, perineum and prostate) in a way that makes having a super orgasm (or Super-O) nearly as easy as having a traditional, penile orgasm. This practice focuses on stimulating non-penile zones of the body to enhance and amplify pleasure waves.

The Physical Effects of Prostate Rewiring

The rewiring process can put your body through sensations unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, and it might be a little alarming at first. Rest assured that any brand-new sensations (many men compare these feelings to the first time they ever had sex) are expected and should be embraced along your path to rewiring your body.

  • The penis, pubic hair, thighs and nipples become much more sensitive.
  • The penis is capable of quickly fluctuating between flaccid, erect, and then flaccid once more.
  • Pleasurable sensation might be felt in the penis, even when there is no direct stimulation of the penis.
  • The prostate, penis and glans might feel prickly but pleasurable sensations.
  • The inside of the anal canal might feel notably warm.

The end goal (though many practitioners say there is no “end” of rewiring one’s prostate) is to boost sexual health and performance. Longevity, stamina, ejaculation control and sexual sensitivity. Ultimately, everything that you love about sex becomes amped up-better than ever because your body is capable of reaching a brand-new height of physical pleasure.

What do Men Experience After Prostate Rewiring?

First, let us say that prostate rewiring is no easy matter. In fact, it can takes months or even up to a year to get the hang of the use of prostate massagers, toys and other stimulating effects that have to do with it. Some men get the hang of it faster than others, but it can take a reasonably lengthy duration of time to become best acquainted with one’s own anatomy and what derives the greatest sensations of pleasure. It’s been said that experiencing the first hands-free, prostate-centered orgasm is typically a good sign that you are on the way to rewiring your body’s capacity for, and reception of, sexual pleasure.

Want to have Multiple Male Orgasms? (*Hint: They can’t be “Wet”)

“Prostate rewiring” might be too simple of a term for what actually happens after a man achieves this milestone in his sexual experiences. The changes that a man experiences as a result of actively working on prostate rewiring can often be reflected in his spiritual, mental, emotional and physical perception of sex-either by himself or with a partner.

Many men who have achieved rewiring become more aware of what goes on inside and outside of their bodies during play. They might even be able to contract their anus and experience the building of P-waves without doing much anything else; such is one of the benefits of becoming so well-acquainted with one’s prostate and adjacent regions. The more you learn about what turns you on and gets you off, the more likely you are to be able to manipulate these features with ease.

This means that, for those who are dedicated to this practice, a super orgasm becomes significantly easier to accomplish. That’s a pretty big reward for all of that effort, isn’t it?

The Male “P-Spot”: The Key to Hands Free Orgasms

It is also frequently said by rewired men that every sexual encounter becomes a more pleasing experience, even when they don’t orgasm themselves. The sights, sounds and smells of their partner might be enough to make them feel satiated and content without ever achieving their own climax.

There is also a phenomena of rewired men becoming more sensual and more easily aroused after unlocking the hidden pleasures that lie outside of their penises. Becoming more in-tune with one’s sexuality and pleasure centers can amp up their feelings of desirability and desire for others. In the cases of some men, prostate rewiring is enough to aid tremendously in issues ranging from erectile dysfunction to a low sexual drive.

What particular sensations and personal changes one experiences after this kind of sexual awakening varies from person to person, so we can’t say what exactly will happen in your case. But one thing is for certain: the men who have tried it and committed to prostate rewiring are very glad that they did.


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