5 Benefits of Semen Retention

What exactly is semen retention? For men who do not know, it is the practice of abstaining from ejaculation. Many Tantric followers all over the world have practiced it. Many of these followers feel that it leads to a better sex life and better health all around. So what benefits does it have and why is it something that you should try? Here are five benefits of semen retention.

1. Increased Sex Drive

Semen retention has incredible benefits to your sex drive. In about a week of practicing semen retention, you will be able to see just how your sex drive changes. Your levels of testosterone increase every time you practice semen retention. Your semen levels control your sex drive and your arousal levels. By retaining from ejaculation, these will both increase. Your urge for sex will be much greater and your partner will be very happy with the results.

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2. Sex will last longer

When you learn to control your ejaculations, you will see how your sexual stamina increases too. When you start to use the Tantric practices of semen retention, you will notice that your sex lasts much longer. You will be able to sexually satisfy your partner in many ways for quite a long time. There will never be such a thing as a quickie again!

3. You will experience more than one orgasm. Have you ever wondered how you can have more than one orgasm and not ejaculate? It is possible when you practice semen retention. Your orgasms will be more than just ejaculating, you will feel them throughout your entire body and they will last longer than you ever expected.

4. Feeling Better Physically

When you practice semen retention, you may notice big changes in how you feel when you work out or play sports. The changes will be positive ones and you will notice how healthy you feel every time you retain from ejaculation.

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5. Feeling Good Mentally

Semen is heavily related to your brain and nervous system functions. With semen retention, research has shown that the brain’s energy can double if done correctly. Not only will your sexually energy rise, but your brain functions will as well.

So why haven’t you started semen retention practices? The Tantric followers believe that your life will last much longer as well as your orgasms. It is important that you do ejaculate at least once every six weeks unless you are trying to have children. If you are interested in the Tantric ways of semen retention, there are many books that will help you through this step by step. Just think, in about a week’s time, you will notice just how your arousal levels grow as well as your stamina. Your partner will be very excited with how your sex life changes.

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