5 Surprising Male Erogenous Zones

You may have heard the phrase, “The brain is the body’s largest sexual organ” at some point in your life. It is a popular expression used commonly to illustrate the importance of stimulation that is mentally engaging as well as physically so. But is it really the largest sexual organ? Sure, the brain is responsible for…well, everything pertaining to our sex lives: who we are attracted to, what turns us on and what turns us off and so on. However, it is not the largest in terms of size. When we speak of the largest sexual organ of the human body in this article, we are talking about something that covers the entirety of the body: skin.

Skin is sexy as hell, and has a huge role to play in the sexual experience.

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The caress of lips against the curve of your neck, the electric feeling of two pairs of lips coming together in a kiss and contact to the obviously erotic parts on the body comes to mind when we think of sensation in a sexual context. However, your skin is capable of sparking your desire in more places than you have likely even considered. Some of them might even be surprising to you.

These areas of the body are referred to as “erogenous zones” for their arousal-inducing properties. While we will be listing many unexpected erogenous zones on the terrain of the male body, do keep in mind that this article is in no way all-inclusive. Your engine might get revved up when your partner touches you someplace that we have not listed, or you might find some of these zones to be unappealing. When it comes to the question of where your “hot spots” are, there are truly no wrong answers!

If you haven’t considered paying special attention to these areas on your or your partner’s body before, take a few minutes to get acquainted next time you’re in bed (or wherever, we won’t judge you).

1) Go for those nipples!

The nipples on female breasts have largely taken the spotlight when we talk about the appeal of some love being shown to that particular part of anatomy. It seems like a pretty common opinion that men’s nipples are not sexy or conductive to sex at all. They’re kind of…just there. But let’s think about this for a quick second. Why wouldn’t a man’s nipples be just as sensitive as a woman’s?

male nipple play

So don’t be afraid to lick, nibble and tease your male partner’s nipples. He might discover a surprising, newfound appreciation for them!

2) Whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

A man’s ears are quite sensitive to contact. In fact, you don’t even have to touch their ears at all to get the kind of effect you desire. Even the warmth of a breathy whisper can heighten the mood and get things going-especially if you’re a Master Dirty Talker. Try putting that silver tongue to use with a sensuous lick, or get your teeth involved. As long as you’re gentle, you’ll get results.

3) Give him a Hand

It’s no secret that hands have a lot to do with physical intimacy-either with oneself or with a partner. In many ways they serve as the gateways to physical sensation, so this might not exactly top the list of “surprising” erogenous zones. However, it is still important to show your partner’s hands some love. A hand massage is relaxing, feels amazing and, like a solid back rub, can lead to a more romantic mood.

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Many men also appreciate a suggestive sucking of their fingers or gentle, flirtatious caresses. As long as you’re not crushing your man’s hand, there’s really no bad way to show their hands some love.

4) Go for the Groin

Obviously there is something great to be said for touching your man’s genitals. That is the desired goal most of the time, after all. However, you should take pause before getting down to business by showing some appreciation for his thighs and the backs of his knees. The skin on a man’s thigh is incredibly sensitive, as it is close to the genitals and filled with eagerly-awaiting nerves. A gentle bite, kisses and licks can amp up your partner’s desire before you get to the main act.

The backs of the knees are a bit less expected as an erogenous zone, but they shouldn’t be overlooked! As a general rule, the spots on a man’s body where less or no hair grows tend to be especially sensitive to touch. Just avoid tickling. Unless he’s into tickling, then go for it!

You may also be surprised to learn that the area near your man’s belt-the lower abdomen-is also a hot spot of nerve endings and therefore heightened sensitivity. A gentle caress of this area before you go for the buttons on his pants can really add a special touch to your intimate moments.

5) Taint no Big Deal

Some men are hesitant to try this technique, but we assure you that many find it yields great success in their sex lives. We’re talking about the perineum, the sensitive flesh between a man’s genitals and his anus. Otherwise known as the “taint” or “gooch,” this under-appreciated area of the body grants a man and his lover access to his prostate-the male P-Spot-without mandating penetration.

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A gentle amount of pressure applied to the perineum stimulates the prostate, which can add numerous benefits to sex, including longer and stronger erections, for many men. There is still a fair amount of taboo surrounding anything regarding the male bottom, so don’t be surprised if your partner hasn’t brought it up. If you’re a man who is reading this, don’t think that you’re alone in liking the idea of some attention being paid to your taint. More guys like it than you’d wager to guess. They just don’t talk about it much.

Again, the information detailed above is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the parts on a man’s body that he might find erogenous. There is no exact science to figuring out what spots are surefire hot spots on any individual’s body, so you’ll have to take a less scientific approach to figuring it out with your current and any future partners. But don’t worry-that’s half of the fun!

If any of the erogenous zones mentioned above seem like something worth devoting some extra time and attention to in your sex life, there is no reason not to go for it! At worst, you can say “eh, maybe I don’t dig this so much” and move onto more appealing activities. If it works out well, then you’ve added a sexy new item to your repertoire!

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